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This course will support the development of knowledge and market insight to build transformational and value led client partnerships.  Typical job roles include Account Executives, Account Managers, Customer Success Managers and Business Development Executives.

Course Overview

This course is designed to offer a more advanced approach, aimed at those who have been in their role beyond 9 months and who want to lift their performance to the next level. 

Delegates are given a ‘transformational toolkit’ which provides methods on how to engage clients and deliver insight. They are also coached on how to use their commercial and industry knowledge to demonstrate a strategic and transformational approach. 

During the course they will create a STEP analysis and identify how to measure and build ongoing commitment to support long sales cycles. The overall outcome is a practical transformational toolkit that will support growing partnership accounts.

Key Outcomes from Sales Fundamentals

  • Identify how to use market insight to prepare for a meeting by creating a STEP analysis
  • Build the value of your proposition through ‘storytelling’, proof statements and testimonials
  • Explain how to measure commitment to drive sales pipeline and commitment using the commitment matrix

Training Approach

As this course is interactive delegates are required to bring their own mobile device to this session.

Prior to attending the course delegates will need to: Have awareness of the return on investment their solution or what their value proposition delivers to clients

Have a number of clients or prospects to practically apply their skills to during the session.

Modules Covered

Session 1: 
Topics in this session:

  • The skills and tools needed to be a Transformational seller in a client account
  • How to build and create value through effective use of proof statements and demonstration of return on investment

Session 2: 
Topics in this session:

  • Storytelling techniques that demonstrate how you have delivered a return on investment for other clients to help build and deliver your value proposition 
  • Creation of a matrix that drives commitment and engagement throughout the sales process and cycle

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